WrapThatCar Featured in The Shop Magazine

Brian Dempsey, owner of WrapThatCar, was interviewed and featured in the October 2017 issue of The Shop Magazine. The article, written by Cathie Beck, highlights many of our U.S. Air Force wraps as well as [...]

Laws and Regulations

What windows on my vehicle can I wrap with perforated vinyl?

Here in New Jersey, window perforated vinyl has the same regulations as window tinting. Legally, you cannot wrap the front, driver door, and passenger door windows. All other windows are acceptable for graphics.

Do I need commercial plates to advertise my business with a wrap?

All states have different regulations, but here in NJ the answer is yes. According to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission if you have commercial tags, you need to properly display the company name, city and state of the business. On the flip-side, if you have advertisements or lettering promoting a service or company, your car [...]