WrapThatCar Featured in The Shop Magazine

Brian Dempsey, owner of WrapThatCar, was interviewed and featured in the October 2017 issue of The Shop Magazine. The article, written by Cathie Beck, highlights many of our U.S. Air Force wraps as well as [...]

Take your marketing
on the road… literally.

A Bus or RV Wrap can generate over 15 MILLION impressions per year!

Nothing grabs attention more than a moving billboard, and with a custom RV or Bus Wrap, your company’s message can easily reach tens of thousands of people each day. Whether it’s a cross-country promotion or local business advertising, you will be sure to turn heads and profits.

Make a Bold Statement with Custom RV & Bus Wraps!

Cross-Country Promotions

Touring with your band or promoting a new book release? These are just two reasons why wrapping your bus or RV is a must when going on the road, and the possibilities are endless. While driving from coast-to-coast, you will be gaining nationwide recognition of your products and services which are guaranteed to turn heads. Nothing is more impressive than a giant, 40’ moving billboard cruising down the highway with your company’s branding.

Long & Short-Term Applications

Frequently, our clients rent RVs for marketing purposes and wonder whether our wraps can fit the bill. While our wraps can easily last for up to five years, we can also do temporary applications for your short-term promotions to be removed in just a few months. Our material is specially designed to be applied and removed all without damaging the vehicle which makes vehicle wraps a great solution for long and short-term promotions.

RV & Bus Wrap Examples

To view our full portfolio, visit our photo gallery.

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