WrapThatCar Featured in The Shop Magazine

Brian Dempsey, owner of WrapThatCar, was interviewed and featured in the October 2017 issue of The Shop Magazine. The article, written by Cathie Beck, highlights many of our U.S. Air Force wraps as well as [...]

Drive sales or liven up
your space with murals.




An unused wall is the perfect canvas for displaying eye-catching graphics to be used for advertising or just as a design element. Whether you want to drive sales, inspire employees, or just add color to an otherwise boring room, wall murals are a great addition to your marketing and design plans.

Transform Your Walls Into Vibrant Works of Art!

Wall murals and graphic barricades are a great way to turn an ordinary surface into something spectacular. Our top-quality, durable wrap films can be applied almost anywhere, which make them the perfect solution for brightening up offices, lobbies, and even children’s rooms.

Brighten and Boost Office Morale

Tired of looking at those boring beige walls all day? So are your employees! Applying wall murals to your office can help brighten up a drab workplace and boost company morale. Not only will it help to create a less stressful environment for your employees, but potential clients will also be impressed when they walk through the door. And best of all… a happy work force will increase productivity and profits!

Fun Alternative to Painting!

With endless uses in hospitals, daycare centers, children’s rooms, and more, wall murals can help lift spirits and invoke creativity with a simple but powerful decorating solution. Whether it’s an inspirational message or colorful design, a wall mural can make a positive impact. Unlike traditional wallpaper or paint, our wall murals can be easily removed and won’t damage your walls.

Wall Wraps & Murals Examples

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